Sunday, June 20, 2010


Loving You
Always Seemed Like An Obligation
Good Or Bad
No Matter The Situation
Baring Lonely Nights
And Another Woman's Temptation 
Isn't That Enough
To Show You My Dedication
But I
Feel Ignored With Much Desperation
Not Even
A Text Nor A Phone Call Of Idle Conversation
And This Feeling
In My Heart Is In Need Of Much Medication
Because Soon This
Sorrow Will Turn Into Anger And Frustration
I Need Your Love
Your Strength
Your Motivation
To Keep Me Together
In Such Beautiful Organization
But I Can't Get A Word
From You
I Need A Concilication
From The Doubts In My Thoughts
That Make This Love
Seem Like Infatuation


Keonia White said...

I absolutely love this!! Speaks the truth.

Mach Guru said...

Thank You +)