Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So You're Ready To Listen Now
Well Fuck Meaningless Conversion
Because I Find My Own Damn Self Boring
So What The Hell Do I Say In This Situation
Where I'm Losing The Meaning Of Me
And Not Requesting A Fucking Desigination
Because Whoever I Damn Well Do Become
Will Tip The Taste Of My Fucking Fascination
So Don't Be Surprised
When The New Me Makes A Fucking Manifestation
Because Only Thing That Will Be Left Of Me
Will Be Your Memories And Your Fucking Apperication
Of The Things I Use To Do
But Remember That Was The Old Me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Loving You
Always Seemed Like An Obligation
Good Or Bad
No Matter The Situation
Baring Lonely Nights
And Another Woman's Temptation 
Isn't That Enough
To Show You My Dedication
But I
Feel Ignored With Much Desperation
Not Even
A Text Nor A Phone Call Of Idle Conversation
And This Feeling
In My Heart Is In Need Of Much Medication
Because Soon This
Sorrow Will Turn Into Anger And Frustration
I Need Your Love
Your Strength
Your Motivation
To Keep Me Together
In Such Beautiful Organization
But I Can't Get A Word
From You
I Need A Concilication
From The Doubts In My Thoughts
That Make This Love
Seem Like Infatuation

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gucci Mane - Mr. Zone 6 [Mixtape]

1. What Did You Expect
2. It’s Goin Up (Feat. Bun B & Yo Gotti)
3. Normal
4. Georgia’s Most Wanted
5. You Know What It Is (Feat. Waka Flocka)
6. Mr. Zone 6
7. Rooftop
8. Koolin
9. Cowards And Soldiers
10. Dats My Life
11. Eastside Wassup
12. Stove Music (Feat. Waka Flocka & Yo Gotti)
13. Makin Love To The Money
14. Birthday Bash 15
15. Socialite
16. Long Money

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trey Songz , What Were You Thinking ?

You obviously wasn't thinking , or else you would've thought twice before putting your mouth on a 15 year-old minor . Maybe it was the summer heat that got to you , or the flashing lights of fame -- or just stupidity . Trey , you're a sex symbol . Yeah , I said it . All the ladies know it and all the jealous boyfriends and husbands know it too . So I don't know if it was you that came onto her or she came onto you , but apparently things got outta hand and your mouth somehow touched hers . What were you doing Trey ? Were you trying to prove a point ? Because everyone , except for the blindsided girls , know that you're gay . And did you think that kissing a minor would make you look any better because uh , it sorta screams pedofile . Now i'm goina say that I like some of your music , but i'm not a fan . All your songs have the same thing in common -- hoes & sex . You're either singing about needing a girl , banging a girl , gettin ' them hoes , or leaving your girl cause you got caught with another girl . Even when you collaberate with other artists , it's the same thing . Trey , I have no more words for you , except to not drop the soap when you hit the jail cell , or else them boys will have you saying "ahhh " . Like you won't enjoy it .

Brisco - OG Kush (4-20 Edition) [Mixtape]

Okay, Before Ya'll Attack Me For This, I Know This Dropped A While Back But The Blog Was On A Much Needed Hiatus. Anyways. I Was Looking For Another Mixtape, I Can't Remember Because I Got Distracted By This Brisco Mixtape. Now A Few Days Backed I Watched This Interview Featuring Mack Maine And Birdman Speaking On The Updates Of Young Money/Cash Money. If You Watch It To The End You Can See Brisco Telling The Camera That He Dropped A Mixtape. So While I Was Looking For The Soon Forgotten Mixtape On LiveMixtapes, I Came Across OG Kush (4-20 Edition) And I Thought Hey Why Not? So As The First Song Came On I Was Like #OhShitThisHard. So I Kept LIstening To It And I Was I Got To Download This And Put This On The Blog. It's Funny How We Can Get A Mixtape Out Of This Guy But No Album. I Blame The Politics. Anyways Here It Is. Download And Track Listing Below.

Respect Goes To LiveMixtapes For The Spot

01. Anita
02. Throw It Away (Featuring Joe Boom)
03. Spend Money (Featuring Asia)
04. So Roxy
05. Lambo Life (Featuring Iceberg & Troy2Da)
06. Bald Head Tosha (Featuring Joe Boom)
07. Crack
08. Dat Nigga (Featuring Billy Blue)
09. Mellow Mellow
10. I Been Getting Money (Featuring Glasse)
11. RMG
12. Lavish Life
13. Keep Risin'

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Illuminati - Kanye West

Okay , so I don't believe in this conspiracy theory , but I thought that I should make a reference to it . Just in case you didn't know , the Illuminati refers to BLACK POWER taking over the world , by putting together the biggest BLACK celebrities , mostly music artists , but it's all complicated and this is starting to look like a run-on sentence so let me make my point . Apparently Kanye West is a part of it , right ? I mean , his mom was the supposed " sacrifice " and whatnot . But if you listen to his song ,  " Power " ,  he's known to say that " no one man should have all that power " HELLO ! He obviously thinks that the government is wrong and that a GROUP of INDIVIDUALS should run the show . " Until fuck that , the world's ours " , and by ' OURS ' , he means BLACK people right ? Cause the Illuminati is a BLACK  movement to take over the world .  " In this white man's world , we're the one's chosen " , WE'RE ' referring to .. yeah . Now i'm not goina go all crazy and play his song backwards like they did one of Jay-Z's , because you know , I have a life , but still , .. Kanye wants all that POWER ... for himself .

Love No Hate

A Handful Of Dreams
And A Vision Of Gold
But That Treasure Isn't Money
It's People That I Hold
Dearest To Me
While My Destiny Unfolds 
And For Those Who Don't Believe
My Shoulder's Forever Cold 
Not To Be Mean
Just A Statement
So Bold
But I Never Speak Of Angry
So Your Story Is Never Told