Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brisco - OG Kush (4-20 Edition) [Mixtape]

Okay, Before Ya'll Attack Me For This, I Know This Dropped A While Back But The Blog Was On A Much Needed Hiatus. Anyways. I Was Looking For Another Mixtape, I Can't Remember Because I Got Distracted By This Brisco Mixtape. Now A Few Days Backed I Watched This Interview Featuring Mack Maine And Birdman Speaking On The Updates Of Young Money/Cash Money. If You Watch It To The End You Can See Brisco Telling The Camera That He Dropped A Mixtape. So While I Was Looking For The Soon Forgotten Mixtape On LiveMixtapes, I Came Across OG Kush (4-20 Edition) And I Thought Hey Why Not? So As The First Song Came On I Was Like #OhShitThisHard. So I Kept LIstening To It And I Was I Got To Download This And Put This On The Blog. It's Funny How We Can Get A Mixtape Out Of This Guy But No Album. I Blame The Politics. Anyways Here It Is. Download And Track Listing Below.

Respect Goes To LiveMixtapes For The Spot

01. Anita
02. Throw It Away (Featuring Joe Boom)
03. Spend Money (Featuring Asia)
04. So Roxy
05. Lambo Life (Featuring Iceberg & Troy2Da)
06. Bald Head Tosha (Featuring Joe Boom)
07. Crack
08. Dat Nigga (Featuring Billy Blue)
09. Mellow Mellow
10. I Been Getting Money (Featuring Glasse)
11. RMG
12. Lavish Life
13. Keep Risin'

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