Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trey Songz , What Were You Thinking ?

You obviously wasn't thinking , or else you would've thought twice before putting your mouth on a 15 year-old minor . Maybe it was the summer heat that got to you , or the flashing lights of fame -- or just stupidity . Trey , you're a sex symbol . Yeah , I said it . All the ladies know it and all the jealous boyfriends and husbands know it too . So I don't know if it was you that came onto her or she came onto you , but apparently things got outta hand and your mouth somehow touched hers . What were you doing Trey ? Were you trying to prove a point ? Because everyone , except for the blindsided girls , know that you're gay . And did you think that kissing a minor would make you look any better because uh , it sorta screams pedofile . Now i'm goina say that I like some of your music , but i'm not a fan . All your songs have the same thing in common -- hoes & sex . You're either singing about needing a girl , banging a girl , gettin ' them hoes , or leaving your girl cause you got caught with another girl . Even when you collaberate with other artists , it's the same thing . Trey , I have no more words for you , except to not drop the soap when you hit the jail cell , or else them boys will have you saying "ahhh " . Like you won't enjoy it .

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