Friday, June 11, 2010

The Illuminati - Kanye West

Okay , so I don't believe in this conspiracy theory , but I thought that I should make a reference to it . Just in case you didn't know , the Illuminati refers to BLACK POWER taking over the world , by putting together the biggest BLACK celebrities , mostly music artists , but it's all complicated and this is starting to look like a run-on sentence so let me make my point . Apparently Kanye West is a part of it , right ? I mean , his mom was the supposed " sacrifice " and whatnot . But if you listen to his song ,  " Power " ,  he's known to say that " no one man should have all that power " HELLO ! He obviously thinks that the government is wrong and that a GROUP of INDIVIDUALS should run the show . " Until fuck that , the world's ours " , and by ' OURS ' , he means BLACK people right ? Cause the Illuminati is a BLACK  movement to take over the world .  " In this white man's world , we're the one's chosen " , WE'RE ' referring to .. yeah . Now i'm not goina go all crazy and play his song backwards like they did one of Jay-Z's , because you know , I have a life , but still , .. Kanye wants all that POWER ... for himself .

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