Friday, June 11, 2010

Musicial View

If You Don't Know Me Then I'll Tell You That I Can Not Live Without Music. If You Ever Ask Me What I'm Doing? Or What I'm Up To? You Answer Will Be Majority Of The Times Is That I'm Listening To Music. Which Is Fact. Music Soothes My Soul But What People Really Don't Know Is That I Listen To All Kinds Of Music And By All Kinds, I Mean All Kinds. Most People Try And Stereotype Me Into The I'm A Young African American Male So That Means I Must Listen To Rap All Day. That's Not True. It Is True In Fact That About Twenty Percent Of My Music Is Rap And I Do Prefer Rap Sometimes But To Me Music Isn't About Genres, It's About How You Feel Inside. Most Young African American Males Feel Real Thuggish Inside So I'm Going To Assume That Most Of Them Do Listen To Rap But Me On The Other Hand, I'm Not Scared To Express Myself. 
So If You're Wondering What The Other Eighty Percent Of My Music Is? It Consist Of R&B, Rock, Pop, And Even Other Languages Such As Japanese. Of Course All Of This Is New And Old School. If You Just Listen To New School You'll Miss The Importance Of New School. You'll Miss Why Some People Chose To Make Music Their Profession. You'll Miss The Influence Old School Has On New. It's Really A Beautiful Thing. I Don't Consider It Biting. I Consider It Keeping A Dream Alive. Think About? If You're Listening To A Song And Be Like Hey They Got This From So And So, I Would Consider That Person's Career A Success. I Mean Isn't To Stay As Relevant As Possible And To Touch People With Your Music The Goal Of One Who Takes On That Profession? I Certainly Think So. It's A Lot Of Musical Acts That Touch My Heart. I Could Go On And On About Them But I'm Thing I'm Done For Now. God Bless. Remember Smile!

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