Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thoughts From The Guru: Power

As I Sit Here And Listen To Power By Kanye West, Which I Must Say So Myself A Pretty Dope Song, I Asked Myself, What Is Power? Who's Fit To Have It? I Honestly Don't Know Where These Thoughts Are Coming From But It's Actually A Wonderful Discussion If Handled Correctly By The Right People. I Wish That I Had A Bunch Of People With Power In My Household. People Like Martin Luther King Jr, Osama Bin Laden, And Satoru Iwata. Now That'd Be Dope. Too Bad It Wouldn't Happen. I Mean It Wouldn't Last Long As Seeing As How Force Ghost Go Away After A While, Osama Isn't That Nice, And Iwata And I Would Be Playing Some Mario Kart. Still A Wonderful Idea. I Wonder What We Would Talk About Though? I'm Sure We'd Get Off The Topic Of Power Because Powerful People Don't Talk About How Much Power They Have. Do They? Anyways I Think I've Done Enough Talking For Now. God Bless. Remember Smile!

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