Monday, June 7, 2010

Thoughts From The Guru: Life

As I Sit Here In The Darkness That Is My Room, I Think The Black Book Has Had A Good First Day Out Of Hiatus. Especially Since We Got Ashlee Hendrix On The Team. She's Pretty Awesome, Even Though She Won't Sing For Me. Anyways. I'm Listening To The Soothing Sound Of Music. It Keeps Me Very Calm Especially Since I Still Have To Write That Album Review For Lazarus And I'm Only On The Second Song. I'm Not Tripping Though. I Love Life. I Love Love And I Couldn't Ask For Anything Better. God Has Blessed Me With Everything I Have. Family And Friends. I'm Feeling Very Good Right Now If Couldn't Tell But It's Just How I Am. I Have More Reasons To Smile Then To Frown. Even So I Still Let Some Stuff Get To Me. It Doesn't Hold Me Down For Long. I'm Human Too You Know. Anyways. I Think That's All I Have To Say. God Bless. Remember Smile!

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