Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Gucci Mane,

OOOKAY, Well I'm getting the idea for this blog because right now I am listen to Sade. Anyhoe, Gucci Mane... this *THING* decided he was going to say that Sade should retire. Yes, this was a while back, but I need to vent. Anyways, he said that MY wife should retire? MY wife? NONONO, hunn...you're MADly mistaken. MY wife shall not retire. Yes, she's 50...so what? 50 is a wonderful age. I say that at 50, if her voice is still working, then gwan with it :) So, while he said this, he should have been at target buying a jar of vaseline. Why are his lips SO dry, and SO dark? LIIIKE, I don't understand. I really don't. ALSO, Michael Jackson was 50 when he died; about to go on tour, in fact. If he had dared say MJ should retire, he would have been dead...DEAD. But no, since Sade isn't as big of an artist as MJ, he just feels that it's perfectly okay to go after her. That's not the way things work, and nobody likes him. NOBODY. I just hate him... ugh. He needs to bathe in a bath of vaseline and aveeno. I can't stand it. BOYCOTT GUCCI. Fuck him...

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