Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim?

I Think I Need To Get A Fan For Ashlee After That Last Post She Did But Still It Inspired Me To Write About Nobody Other Than The Queen Bee Herself. Now If You Didn't Know Lil Kim Took The Time Out Of Her Set At One Of Her Shows To Take A Few Shots At Nicki Minaj. Talking About How She Originated Whatever And Did This. Lil Kim, We All Know Who You Are. We All Know What You Do And Have Done. For Those Who Didn't Know Who You Was They Probably Went To Go See Notorious And Are Now Aware. Now That We Are All On The Same The Page To An Extent I Can Get Down To Business. Lil Kim, You've Had Success, Sold Millions Of Albums, And A Beautiful Woman At That(On Good Days) But Still Why Would You Want To Diss Nicki Minaj? The Only Answer For This Is Promotion. Why Else Would You Pick The Most Random Day To Sit There And Diss A Young Woman Whom Has Done No Wrong To You. Now I Can Understand If She Bit Your Song And Maybe Her Style Does Reminisce Towards Yours But Still, Nicki Has Been Doing This For A Couple Of Years. Why Wait Until Now To Take The Time Out To Diss Her? Ya'll Even Got The Young Money Pretty Boy, Drake Involved And Drizzy Was Right, It Was Very Disrespectful. Also, I Looked Up Lil Kim's Twitter Yesterday To See If She Tweeted About Any Of It But On Her Page She Hadn't Tweeted In Over Year. So I'm Thinking To Myself Wow Then All Of A Sudden I See This New Lil Kim Page On Twitter Which Sole Goal Was To Talk Bad About Nicki And Assert Themselves As The Baddest Bitch. Trina? Kim? Nicki? All Of Ya'll Are But You Don't Take Nicki's Shine Away From Her. You Had Your Moment, Now She's Getting Her's And As For Your Next Single It Better Be Damn Near Good If You Got To Do All This For People To Pay Attention To It. Honestly, The Moral Of The Story Is Don't Hate On Another's Success. She Need To Have A Recovery Like Eminem.

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